Destination Elimination – Coalition PLUS

Destination Elimination – Coalition PLUS

Destination Elimination (2021)

290,000 lives lost each year.

Even though effective treatments exist, this is the heavy toll of the hepatitis C virus, a liver infection that can lead to cancer in its most serious forms.

Since 2015, as part of a project coordinated by Coalition PLUS and supported by Unitaid, activists in Brazil, Colombia, Morocco, India, and Malaysia have been working to put an end to this terrible disease. Often, members of the populations most vulnerable to the virus, these activists are developing a response adapted to the health needs of their communities.

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After six years of community-based mobilization in these 7 countries, thousands of lives have been saved and major victories have been achieved on the path toward the ultimate goal of eliminating the pandemic by 2030. The achievements include significant reductions in the price of treatment, improvement in access to testing and treatment, better collaboration between the main actors in the global hepatitis C response, and decentralization of essential services. We owe these gains to the commitment of the people concerned, to the women and men who have taken responsibility not only for their own health but also for the future of their communities. The “Destination Elimination” exhibition pays homage to these courageous activists. It celebrates their courage and determination. It recounts their personal struggle to save lives and their political commitment to fairer and more open access to health. Hakima Himmich, President of Coalition PLUS: “This photo exhibition pays tribute to all the activists involved in the fight against hepatitis C, a fight that is still too often overlooked. Working alongside them, we have been able to initiate a dialogue with the authorities, have the needs of communities recognized, and obtained substantial advances that have made it possible to improve not only the health but also the lives of many people.”


58 million people were living with HIV globally in 2019.

15.2 million of the people living with the virus knew their diagnosis in 2019.

9.4 million people diagnosed with hepatitis C had been treated using direct-acting antiviral drugs between 2015 and 2019.

1.5 million new hepatitis C infections were recorded in 2019.

23% of new infections are attributable to injecting drug use.

290,000 people died from hepatitis C infection-related causes in 2019.

Source: WHO (these are the latest official global figures available)

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